Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quilt-a-thon Day 2

It was a much slower process than I would have liked, but the results are in, and I'm pleasantly surprised. Above is a collage of yesterday's snow dyeing experiment. Top left shows the baskets with fabric wadded and covered in snow just after I squirted the dye solution on the snow. The photos to the right of that are my completed blue and red fabrics. On the bottom row, you can see the basket that was originally the red/blue/yellow combination above left. The first shot is after it had started to melt, center is after all the snow had melted but before it was rinsed and then finally the bottom right is the finished piece of fabric that resulted.

And, I finished the mini basket quilt this morning.

Still on my list for today is the class sample I need to finish, the backing for my February UFO needs to be pieced , and then I need layer and baste the UFO so it's ready to quilt.


Diane said...

the snow dyeing is really cool. And you got a lot done so far-the basket quilt is darling.

Teresa said...

Snow that is a new one for me. Your end result looks great!

a good yarn said...

That is such a fantastic effect from the process. Your basket quilt is lovely. It has turned out so well. Ann :-)