Friday, February 12, 2010

Quilt-a-thon weekend

Judy L. at Patchwork Times is hosting another quilt-a-thon this weekend. It is intended to be Saturday and Sunday, but I am doing it today and tomorrow instead. Since Sunday is Valentine's day, and hubby has already stated he intended to spend it with me, I guess the least I can do is be available. ;-)
We're having leftovers for dinner tonight, and with a bit of luck, I won't need to make any meals tomorrow. So that should leave plenty of quilting time for me. As usual, I have plenty of things to work on. I hope to finish my mini-basket quilt first. And of course I still have those borders to add to my February UFO, so that will be the next item on my list. I fully intend to have that quilt basted and ready for quilting before the weekend is over. And lastly, I have a class sample to finish. This should be do-able over the next two days. We'll see how distracted I get. I'll try to do some progress updates when there is something to show. For now, I'm off to my sewing room.


Diane said...

I hope you get a lot done. I think I'm going to participate too-

a good yarn said...

Two whole days to get cracking on a few things - sounds marvellous! You seem to be organised for it all. Have a lovely Valentine's Day! Ann :-)