Saturday, February 20, 2010

Distractions = little progress

I did not get nearly as much done last night as I had hoped during the Friday Night sew-in. I probably should have never turned on the TV. I'm enjoying the winter Olympics far more than usual. And last night they started the ice dancing competition. I love to watch ice dancing. I did manage to finish cutting all of the pieces for my new quilt project. But not much sewing is done. Here's what I have so far. Just a few parts.


Diane said...

I'm really loving the Olympics too. when I'm watching the skaters I find myself leaning whichever way they are--it's goofy. But I can't just sit still. It's like I'm trying to help them from my couch. It's really bad when the speedskaters are on.
I figure the sewing can wait, the games will be over too soon.

Jandi said...

My husband made fun of me for dragging my machine into the kitchen so I could watch the games while sewing. Especially since I had already watched the events once Friday evening. Once is never enough!

a good yarn said...

Some progress is better than none and you enjoyed the ice dancing - a pretty good night by all accounts. Ann :-)