Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing with scraps

I am taking a break from my current quilt project. No, it is not put aside to be a UFO yet. But I need a little break from it, as I am getting frustrated. So, today I played with some scraps.

To be more specific, just the triangles that get cut off in the speed technique of adding a corner triangle to a block. In this process, you place a square of fabric on the corner of the piece that needs a corner triangle and stitch diagonally across the square, trimming the excess off. This leaves a couple triangle pieces of fabric that most people throw away. But not me. I have been saving mine and using them as leader and ender pieces as I sew. And I have been accumulating lots of little half-square triangle blocks as a result.

So, as a bit of a revolt against the tedium of trying to precisely stitch those corner star blocks in my current quilt project, I made blocks with my scrap triangles. No pinning, no trimming, no precision- just kind of a free-form, go with the flow kind of thing. And it felt great! Sorry, I have no finished block pictures I can share at this time.

One note of progress I can make is this: I have my January UFO project layered and pin basted.It is ready to be quilted!!! :D I'm still deciding how I want to quilt it, but it is on my list to start this weekend.


a good yarn said...

Good idea to take a break from a project causing you grief. I hate wasting those triangles and always try to make them into blocks for another project. I'm keen to see what you make with yours. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)