Thursday, January 21, 2010

This has been a busy week in the sewing room. I am in the process of quilting my ufo for this month. I thought I would try something a little different with the quilting on that one. I'm not sure I am happy with how it is turning out. I used to think I was a fairly experienced quilter, but this month has taught me that I still have so much to learn. Between the mis-sized blocks and the experimental quilting I'm doing, I am seriously questioning my quilting skills right now. Sorry, but I'm not going to share any pics of my ufo's quilting just now. I want to work through this one on my own. Maybe I'm just having an off month. Here is a little something I will share, though. Remember those scrappy blocks from last post? This is what I did with them.


Diane said...

I luv it--I want to make one! I have to stop wanting to make everything I see.
Sorry your having quilting troubles, hope you get em worked out.

a good yarn said...

Your tote is fantastic! I'm sure you work out your quilting dilemma. Some time away from the project might let you see it through fresh eyes. Being on top of it all the time can skew the *vision* of how you expected it to be. Hang in there...Ann :-)