Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bonus bitty blocks

I mentioned before the floating star blocks that I have been making. They use a stitch. flip and trim construction technique on the corners. If you need an explaination of this process, you can look here. The neat thing about this method of construction is that you get some wonderful little corner triangles that you trim away.

Now I realize that some (most?) people would just toss those pieces away, but not me. I just cannot bear the thought of wasting those precious bits of fabric. So I stitch mine together into tiny half-square triangle blocks as I go.

I simply add an extra row of stiching about three eighths of an inch away from the first stitching line nearer to the corner. Then I cut midway between the stitching lines to seperate my new bitty blocks from the floating star blocks. Now I have a baggie full of bitty blocks to use in another project. I feel a miniature quilt in my future. :)

I photographed my bitty blocks on a gridded cutting surface so you can easily see the scale of the blocks. They are 2 inches square right now.