Saturday, May 26, 2007

WIP weekend

Since it is a holiday weekend and gas prices are so high , I have decided to stay at home and work on some of my quilting projects. I have so many different quilts in the works because I like to have choices when the sewing bug strikes. So I am declaring this a WIP (work in progress) weekend and dedicating my sewing time to work on some of the things I have already started.

Today I am working on floating stars. I have a monthly block swap in my MSN group for block units to make this quilt. I got the pattern from this website. I have been swapping these blocks for several months now and had quite a pile of them. So today I have stitched what I have into larger blocks consisting of nine units each. Here they are pictured hanging on my design wall.
For those who may be interested, I use a sheet of flannel attatched to my wall with velcro as my design wall. It works great. I can pin the blocks up if needed (rarely need to) and I can easily take the design wall down and put it back up. I used velcro that was adhesive backed on one part (to attatch it to the wall) and stitch on on the other side (stitched to the flannel). It was quick and simple to do.