Monday, May 21, 2007


Last week my son had surgery on his jaw. He has had TMJ problems for several years that had worsened progressively over the years, starting with an annoying clicking and finally leading to several episodes where his jaw locked open. The surgery was our last resort after trying a series of dental bite plates and physical therapy. We were told to expect the surgery to take about two hours on each side of his jaw. In reality we had an eight hour time lapse from when they took him into surgery until they wheeled him out of the recovery room. What a long day that was!

The upside of this is that I went prepared for a long day. I took my applique block for the month of May with me and managed to finish it that day. So I didn't mind too much. The stitching proved to be a very calming activity for me, especially when we passed the five hour mark without word from the surgeon. Everything went well with the surgery and my son is doing great( other than being sick of a soft food diet already).